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Nature Folk with Selena Fox: first hour

Powers of Nature's Elements series

November 7: Powers of Sacred Earth
Sacred work with soil, sand, rocks, caves, mountains and other forms of Earth.

November 14: Powers of Air
Sacred work with winds, breath, atmosphere and other forms of Air.

November 21: Powers of Fire
Sacred work with flames, bonfires, lightning, electricity and other forms of Fire.

November 28: Powers of Water
Sacred work with streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rain, marshes, oceans and other forms of Water.

December 5: Powers of Spirit
Sacred work with the interconnecting spiritual force known as Spirit and Great Spirit.


CIRCLE TALK: second hour

November 7: Transgender Day of Remembrance with Brianne Ravenwolf interviewed by Debra Rose

November 14: Pagan Military Service Ribbon Presentations with David & Jeanet Ewing, Selena Fox & others

November 21: Crone Goddesses with Jeanet Ewing interviewed by Debra Rose