Celebrating the Seasons

Welcome Spring 2020

ws-online-2020Welcome Spring Equinox Festival

Saturday, March 21, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Online through Facebook Live at
the Circle Sanctuary Facebook Page

coordinated by Rev. Shel

After much discussion and education we have come to the challenging decision to cancel the Welcome Spring Festival we had planned to hold at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin.  We understand during times of crisis and stress, it is beneficial that people come together for connection and support, but the health and safety of our community and their friends and families are even more important. Thanks to social media, the good news is we have a plan to allow us to still come together and connect to Welcome Spring! 

Instead of just cancelling the event entirely we want to change and evolve the day into something different.  So instead of doing Welcoming Spring face to face on Circle land we are going to try something new. We will be having a modified Welcome Spring Celebration on Facebook instead! And we will be able to include and connect with people from all over the world through this online form of celebration!  

Please see the new and revised schedule for a list of the presentations and activities we will be having using the Circle Sanctuary Community Facebook page.

We are excited and hope you can join us in this new and exciting way of connecting as we try this out for the first time!  We look forward to connecting with you, learning and sharing with you and especially celebrating our holiday together.


Welcoming Spring is like a breath of fresh air. So let’s also embrace the fertility of new ideas and experiences!



Did you miss it?  You can go back and watch it here, on Circle's YouTube channel!


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2020 WELCOME SPRING SCHEDULE (all times in Central)

10:00 am Welcome Circle with Rev. Shel
Join Shel as we kick off this new type of community event and learn more about the activities of the day.
10:30 am The Myth and Magic of Brooms
Shel will look at the historical significance of brooms as both a practical and ritual tool and the role they play in Pagan traditions. Specifically focusing on the role it plays in cleansing magic. We will have a broom blessing that folks at home can participate in. Those involved will have an opportunity to post pictures of their sacred or favorite brooms and share stories about their origin.
11:15 am Youth Programming: Breath Work - Connecting with Breath with Rev. Florence
Florence will lead the kids in activities that focus on the most intimate way we connect with air - through our breath. Together we'll learn to use our breath to make magic with bubbles, practice meditation breathing, and use our breath for games and songs. If able, please have bubbles available for this workshop.
12 pm Nature Meditation
Rev. Sharon will take us into the woods for a nature meditation.
12:30 - 1:30 pm Break for Lunch
We will have a break in the days programing for folks to grab a bite to eat. We also encourage every one to go for a walk or stretch. Especially if you have been on line with us the whole time.
1 pm Peep Art Show
Peeps! Whether you love them or hate them you can't deny they are a spring time classic. Calling artists of all abilities and experience to use the peeps on their own or in combination with other elements to create a piece of art. There is no peep too stale, creativity too sweet, or idea too sticky that it can't be re-birthed into a sculpture, artistic expression of an idea, or a classic work of art. Once Shel has started the Peep Art Show thread on the Circle Community Facebook page we invite folks to post pictures of their Peep Art works. At the end of the day we will give a shout out to our spectacular and creative artists and their Peep inspired creations with awards worthy of the wacky spring time treat.
1:30 pm Spring Magic with Rev. Selena Fox in the Temple Room
Selena will explore seven ways of working with Spring imagery, customs, and rituals for personal healing, transformation, and growth.
2:15 pm Family Programming: Working with Light and Shadow  with Rev. Florence
At this time of balance between light and dark, we can work on making friends with our shadows. We'll make shadow puppets, play games with our shadow, and learn how our shadow can be an ally to help us through rough times and to make magic.
3 pm Welcome Spring Ritual with Rev. Bo Nelson
Celebrations of Potential and Possibility - Join Bo in celebration of the balance in the world around us. As we bid farewell to the dark; we rejoice in the excitement of the deep potential and limitless possibilities of the season to come. We suggest having some seeds, dirt, and a pot to plant the seeds in ready before the ritual.
3:45 pm Closing Connection Circle with Rev. Shel
In celebration of the awakening of our spirits in this spring time celebration, let us end the day as we started it by spending a few more minutes together in community.




If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.