Sacred Fire Circles

February 2013 Fire Circle

DSC 5807February 15-18, 2013

at the UW-Platteville Cooper Living & Learning Center, several miles east of Platteville, WI


Come connect deeply with community as we support each other on our mutual journey toward wholeness and holiness! Using the portals of Voice, Music, Movement and Service, we work ritual together from midnight to dawn, with the intention to release painful patterns and energies, gain access to our deep wells of creativity, and find personal transformation. We invite you to join us as we prepare the space before ritual by creating visual beauty and places for healing, meditation, and nurturance. As we work together, we also build bonds of community, friendship and mutual understanding which allow us greater trust and freedom within the Fire Circle. Join us in this powerful, deeply transformative journey. Songs, rhythms, poetry, dance or simply a hand to hold - your gifts are welcome here!

We invite and welcome friends from all traditions and paths to join us for this Sacred Fire Circle weekend! Join us in Sacred Ceremony as we drum, dance, chant, and trance, be of service, and connect with each other around the Sacred Fire each night from midnight to dawn. Together we will create a space for personal transformation, to manifest your dreams and prayers, to turn lead to gold.

Five years ago this past August, a new way of relating and celebrating as Tribe was birthed on Circle Sanctuary land at Forestdance.  Since then, we have danced the fire every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, and at the Pagan Spirit Gathering too.

Three years ago this coming February, we took a chance and created the Presidents' Day Weekend indoor Fire Circles.  This succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, as we proved that we could take the methods of sacred song -- and drum -- and dance -- and heart -- indoors, to circle a fire within the bounds of four walls and create a warmth to sustain the Tribe's spirit through the depths of a Wisconsin winter.

This coming February, we're trying something new again -- and holding our February Sacred Fire Circle at the Cooper Center, just east of Platteville WI.  The Cooper Center is a retreat facility owned by UW-Platteville, located a few miles out of town.  It offers many wonderful amenities, including:

  • 12 bedrooms arranged in six suites, each suite with its own bathroom and shower -- with bedding & towels provided.  Eight bedrooms have two sets of bunk beds and accommodate four people, and the other four bedrooms accommodate two people each.
  • Large, well-equipped kitchen
  • Two large commons spaces, one with a fireplace
  • Excellent privacy and isolation -- the facility is surrounded by UW-Platteville's Pioneer Farm, and is well outside of town

For a general idea of the facility's layout, pdfclick here for the floor plan (.pdf).



All meals are provided as part of the registration fee, and the menu will accommodate vegetarian as well as gluten-free options.  Each attendee will have one kitchen prep/cook workshift and one kitchen cleanup workshift.  Owing to limited storage and preparation space, we cannot offer the option of declining the meal plan.


bannerCooper Center


  • Friday (2/15): Early Village Builder arrivals begin on Friday morning at 8 AM.  We'll need help with grocery shopping, as well as preparing the space for Friday evening's circle.  We will close the doors at 8 PM Friday evening, to allow some evening rest time before the first night's circle begins at midnight.
  • Saturday (2/16): Doors open at 8am for Saturday arrivals.  Please come in quietly, as the rest of us will be headed to bed after a whole night of dancing the fire!  All attendees must be onsite by 1 PM on Saturday.



Registration fees are $160/person until midnight on February 1st, and $175/person thereafter.  We can accommodate a maximum of 40 registrations.

*** PLEASE NOTE ***: if we don't receive 20 registrations by midnight on February 4th, this Fire Circle will be CANCELLED.  This location has many great amenities, but it also has fixed costs which must be met.  Your registration will be held by the office, and will only processed once we've reached 20 registrants.
Fire Circle registrations are open to adults and MATURE teens only.  Teens are expected to participate in all aspects of the Fire Circle alongside adults.  Owing to the intense nature of the work that takes place at Fire Circles, we cannot permit children to come.
Unlike prior Fire Circles, we will not be placing you in Docent Groups.  The work that needs to be done to care for and feed each other isn't nearly as diverse as it is with Fire Circles held on Circle land, so each attendee will share in all the labor.