Speaking Arrangements

Sponsoring organization or individual to provide:

Honorarium Pay a speaker's honorarium. The amount varies according to number and length of presentations, duration of speaking trip including travel time, preparation time, sponsor's budget, other factors. Fee is negotiated and guaranteed in advance. Fee is to be paid by the end of the speaking engagement. Make check payable to Selena Fox, or via credit card or PayPal at the link below.

Type of Engagement

Cover all travel expenses, including round trip airfare, airport parking, plus travel to and from airports, speaking venue(s), and accommodations. Travel by air is required for most out-of-state speaking engagements. The nearest airport to the speaker's home is Madison, Wisconsin. Before ticket purchase is finalized, flight times and related details must be mutually agreed upon by speaker and sponsor. Compensation to cover gas and related expenses for travel by car is to be negotiated in advance. Travel expenses are to be paid prior to the speaking engagement by sponsor, as negotiated.

Provide or cover expenses for lodging and meals, as negotiated. Lodging in a private room is required, and a quiet, preferably non-smoking room with adjoining or nearby full bathroom is preferred. Lodging and meals in a private home, university guest house, or bed and breakfast may be suitable. If the speaking engagement is part of a conference or similar event being held at a hotel, retreat center, or other site where speakers and other participants lodge and have meals, lodging and meals there are required. Accommodation costs are provided by or paid in advance directly by the sponsor.

Provide at least one support person to serve as a personal assistant and sponsor liaison to help with presentation preparations, transportation needs, and/or other duties, as negotiated. This assistant may be a volunteer or staff associated with sponsor or with speaker, as negotiated.

If needed, provide sound system, audio-visual equipment, and/or other equipment, plus a person to operate the equipment. Equipment is to be provided by or paid directly by sponsor.

If needed, provide a table and space for display and/or literature distribution. For conferences with exhibit areas, a booth with at least one 6 - 8 foot table and two chairs is usually required. Also, provide one or more persons to help with setting up and staffing this table. Table size and staffing specifics are to be negotiated in advance. Any exhibit booth and table fees associated with the event are to be waived or paid directly by sponsor.

When the presentation occurs as part of a conference, festival, or other event, the sponsor covers the registration fee for the entire event for speaker and any accompanying support person(s) as negotiated. Registration fees are to be waived or paid directly by the sponsor.

Publicity & Communications
The sponsor covers costs of flyers, posters, advertisements, press releases, mailings, and other forms of publicity deemed appropriate for announcing the presentation. The sponsor also covers the costs of faxing, phone calls, overnight courier service, and other speaking engagement related expenses, as negotiated. Speaker may be available to do media interviews and/or other public appearances prior to the speaking engagement as part of publicity, as negotiated. Specifics regarding advance publicity as well as whether or not speaker's presentation will be open to the media and/or recorded for archives purposes need to be negotiated with the speaker in advance. Advertising and other publicity costs are to be paid by sponsor.